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KAJENG in language of Java mean wood, or can also
mean KAREP which in language in Indonesia mean
KEINGINAN (Desire). That is desire to lignify teak core
waste not just waste, but becoming goods having artistic
value very wort, educating, at the same time amuse
and definitive earn in accepting wide of society.
Bolting from that of handycraft KAJENG stand up
and expand. Start in the year 1994 until now with employees more than 150 people
and with interest from 75 model of puzzle presented. With capacities produce
50.000 pcs each month cover various item. Making KAJENG progressively settle
in serving all customers and buyers from various state. And always take care of quality of with export quality materials. And also accuracy of absolute time is especial target to major satisfaction of consumer.

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Alat Peraga Matematika (Mathematics Practice Tool)


Pasanglah angka-angka bermagnet 1 sampai 9 pada titik-titik magnet yang ada pada segitiga sehingga apabila dijumlah pada setiap sisinya akan memiliki jumlah yang sama yaitu 17, 19, 20, 21 dan 23.


Put the coins number 1 until 9 on the triangle board (with magnet already). So when totalled up, you will find same total at everi straight line. Several quantifying results that you will find is 17, 19, 20,21 and 23.

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